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    Atherian Archive



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    Atherian Archive

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    For untold ages this tower has loomed over Elinhir, its portals mystically sealed, all entry forbidden. Someone exerted immense effort to place impenetrable wards on this place—but now those wards are sundered.
    The Aetherian Archive is a tower in southeastern Craglorn near the city of Elinhir. Within the tower, groups of twelve battle through a series of challenges and ultimately face the Mage.
    The Aetherian Archive Trial quest begins when you enter the dungeon. You have to complete the dungeon within a certain amount of time with limited respawns. The Mage’s Tower is a quest to defeat The Celestial Mage, who is the final enemy in this dungeon. The bosses are the Lightning Storm Atronach, the Foundation Stone Atronach, Varlariel, and the Mage herself.


    – Requirements for Veteran–
    All Members:

    18K+ HP

    Appropriate Gear
    Food Buffs
    Potions (Weapon/Spell Crit or Power preferred)
    At Least 10 Soul Gems

    Required Spells for Party (Only one member needs):
    Rapid Maneuvers
    Siege Shield
    Aggressive Warhorn

    – Group Setup –
    Group Setup:
    1 Tank
    3 Healers
    8 DPS (1 Off-Tank if possible)

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